Skåne's Top Historical Attractions

Skåne’s Top Historical Attractions


Skåne, a province in southern Sweden, is home to a rich history and a wealth of historical attractions. From ancient castles to charming medieval towns, Skåne offers visitors a glimpse into the past. In this article, we will explore some of Skåne’s top historical attractions, highlighting their significance and what they have to offer.

Hässleholm: A Brief History

Hässleholm, a town in Skåne, may be relatively new compared to other Swedish towns, but it has a fascinating history. With just over 100 years of existence, Hässleholm has grown to a population of around 19,400 inhabitants. The town owes much of its development to its strategic position as a railway junction, which attracted industries and contributed to the growth of manufacturing in the area.

Our Impression of Hässleholm

Despite its young age, Hässleholm is a well-planned and decorative town. However, the lack of historical buildings and sights is evident when walking around the center. While shopping options may be limited, there are enough restaurants to enjoy a few nice evenings. If you’re looking for more activities, you may find yourself venturing out from Hässleholm to explore other places in the surrounding area.

A Short History of Hässleholm

Hässleholm’s history dates back to the construction of the railway through the area. The Hässleholm Railway Station opened in 1860, and it became a junction in 1865 when another line was connected. The railway connections continued to increase, leading to the growth of the settlement around the station.

In 1907, Hässleholm became home to a garrison, with soldiers and armored troops stationed in the town. The garrison was active until 2001 when it was decommissioned. Hässleholm officially gained town status in 1914, and industries began to flourish, including manufacturing companies producing tools and machinery.

Things to Do and See in Hässleholm

While Hässleholm may not have many historic buildings, there are still several attractions worth visiting in the town and its surroundings. Here are a few notable places to explore:


Stortorget is the main square in Hässleholm, surrounded by restaurants and shops. Along the adjacent pedestrian street Första Avenyen, you’ll find more shops and the occasional market stand. It’s a great place to stroll, shop, and sample some street food.

Hässleholms Museum

Opened in 2002, Hässleholms Museum offers a glimpse into the town’s history. The exhibitions encompass various aspects of Hässleholm’s past, including old military vehicles, firefighting equipment, and horse carriages. The museum is co-run by four local organizations, ensuring a diverse range of exhibits.

Hässleholm Civic Center

Hässleholm Kulturhus, the town’s civic center, opened its doors in 2000. This multi-purpose building houses a public library, a cinema, and a space for temporary exhibitions. It’s a hub of cultural activities and a great place to immerse yourself in the local arts scene.


Established in 1930, Hembygdsparken is a local heritage park managed by the local heritage foundation. The park features 11 historical buildings that have been moved to the site, creating an open-air museum-like experience. It’s a charming place to explore and learn more about the region’s past.

Hässleholm Church

Hässleholm Church, inaugurated in 1914, is a prominent landmark in the town. Its red-brick tower is visible along the main street, and the church itself is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sweden. Take a moment to admire the architecture and soak in the peaceful atmosphere.

How to Get to Hässleholm


The closest airport to Hässleholm is Kristianstad Airport (KID), located 40 kilometers away. The airport offers domestic routes and seasonal charter flights.


Hässleholm is conveniently located at the intersection of road 21 and road 23. From the east, you can reach Kristianstad, while Höör is to the south, Perstorp to the west, and Osby to the north.


Skånetrafiken operates buses that connect Hässleholm with the surrounding region. Check the bus schedules for convenient transportation options.


Hässleholm Central Station is serviced by several railway companies, including SJ, Krösatåg, Pågatåg, Snälltåget, and Öresundståg. These companies offer connections to various destinations in Sweden, such as Helsingborg, Karlskrona, Kalmar, Kristianstad, Markaryd, and Växjö. International routes to Copenhagen and Berlin are also available.

Driving Distances from 5 Major Swedish Cities:

  • Stockholm: 518 kilometers (5 h 41 min)
  • Gothenburg: 231 kilometers (2 h 43 min)
  • Malmö: 89 kilometers (1 h 10 min)
  • Linköping: 323 kilometers (3 h 49 min)
  • Kiruna: 1748 kilometers (19 h 28 min)

Explore More of Skåne and Sweden

Skåne is just the beginning when it comes to historical attractions in Sweden. From ancient Viking sites to medieval castles, the country is filled with fascinating places to discover. Explore more of Skåne and beyond to uncover the rich history and cultural heritage that Sweden has to offer.

Remember to plan your visit accordingly, check opening hours, and immerse yourself in the stories that these historical attractions have to tell. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply curious about the past, Skåne’s top historical attractions are sure to captivate and inspire.


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